Intelligent Fingerprint Auto-Capture
Our Proprietary software uses embedded quality-check intelligence to auto-capture
the best print for image quality and performance. Our unique algorithm analyzes the
print quality to ensure that only the best is capture every time. User has the option
to override this feature and manually capture the prints.
Kid Print Solutions "The First Name In Child Identification Systems"

From the minds of Qensics the innovator in child identification systems, comes
ForensicPrint Child ID System.  ForensicPrint is designed to be the most
powerful, easy to use, portable child identification system available!
ForensicPrint will enable your organization to quickly and easily capture all the
vital information to create a detailed Profile.
The ForensicPrint Child ID Software System will enable your organization to create
a complete child ID profile, which can then be saved directly to any CD and/or
printed using any standard printer. Most Importantly
All Of The Information
Stays in Complete Control Of the Parent.
ForensicPrint provides
complete assurance
that all critical
information about the
child is readily
available in one place.

"The most powerful Child
Identification System
on the market place today."
Intuitive User Interface
Because our software is Windows based, the user will find it simple and easy to
enter the child’s demographics, images and fingerprints. The intuitive, point and
click software requires little or no computer experience, and can be operated with
minimal instructions.

Only ForensicPrint Child ID Software simply and easily integrates all of the
child vital demographic information quickly and completely.

Only ForensicPrint provides the comprehensive profile of paper.

Only ForensicPrint Child ID Software gives you the option of letting the
computer make the decision or the user, resulting the best profile possible.

Only ForensicPrint Child ID Software allows the parent to have complete
control of their child’s information.
The extraordinary quality of the ForensicPrint Child ID System plus the technology,
paper products, service and experience sets us apart as the most comprehensive
identification company in the industry.
ForensicPrint Child ID System
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"The Child ID Experts"
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The ForensicPrint Child ID System Highlights:

Easy to use, intuitive software
Photographic “Quick Cam” Capture
Real Time Video Capture
Capture Forensic Quality Fingerprints
Individual Agency Logo Customization
Create Child, Student and Senior IDs **New**
Print ID Report on  Stock 8x11 Paper
Print PVC ID Cards ***New**
Export ID to USB or Burn to CDr **New**
Phone ID "No Special App Required" *New**